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Kentron Systems



The Instrumentation Experts

Kentron Systems Inc. delivers instrumentation, application and project expertise to the oil and gas, petrochemical, oil sands, drilling and process markets across the globe.
Our comprehensive range of products and services includes new technology marketing and implementation, application engineering, certified system packaging, project management, training and field commissioning everything our customers and suppliers need, where and when they need it.


Latest News

Hazardous Area Digital Displays and Indicators
Posted on Friday, August 31, 2018
Kentron's policy of partnering with 'best of breed' manufactures continues with the association with Beka Associates. BEKA are renouned as established manufacturer of general purpose, non-incendive and intrinsically safe digital indicators. The range of products, , including digital indicators, tachometers, timers, serial text displays and audio/visual devices, developed over thirty years is extensive, and manufactured and certified to the highest standards. Hazardous area version carry cFM certifications allowing their use in Canada. Used extensively in industry throughout the world, Beka digital indicators are tried and tested for your industry and needs. BEKA Associates Ltd. is a privately owned, independent British company dedicated to the continuous development of display instrumentation predominantly for use in hazardous areas. Kentron back the Beka product range with our usual willingness to engage in discusion about any application you may have - simply call us.

Industrial Control Network Security
Posted on Friday, August 31, 2018
Kentron are pleased to be partnering with Claroty to offer a solution to cyber attacks and other unusual activity on industrial control networks. The Claroty Platform is a passive network analyzer which learns the normal traffic on a network, creates a baseline database of that traffic along with the assets creating it, This analysis is done via deep packet inspections on the messages. This DPI is available for virtually all present day industrial protocols. Should Claroty Platform then see any anomalous traffic (compared to the baseline database created over time) alerts are generated on the platform dashboard for operator attention, or sent by Syslog message to pertinent staff for consideration and action if required.




  • Hazardous Area
  • Dust Environments
  • Increased Safety
  • ATEX approved
  • CSA approved
  • Purged Enclosures
  • Custom Certified Panels
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Intrinsic Safety

  • We offer a full range of MTL zener barrier and galvanic isolator interfaces along with a combined 50 years of applying the right solution to the right application
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Foundation Fieldbus

  • MTL produced their first Foundation Fieldbus product in 1993 and, along with their partner Relcom, have been active in Fieldbus from SP50 committee to to their present position
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  • With thousands of HART capable devices exisiting without being fully used, companies are implimenting projects to capture the data from those devices
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Surge Protection

  • Our surge protectors are not one-shot; they are 'fit and forget'.
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Water Fraction Meter

  • Unique SeCaP capacitance measurement system
  • HIGH Accuracy
  • High Sensitivity
  • Standard flanges - easy to retrofit and install
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Profile Meter

  • Liquid intreface layers Sensed with high accuracy
  • Multiple sensors along the probe length. (100-200mm)
  • Continuous information allows proactive actions
  • Electronics in the probe gives longer life.
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Phase Flowmeters

  • Combined Wet Gas and MultiPhase Meter
  • Unique operational stability and performance
  • Developed for the oil industry and field qualified by them
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Flare Gas Meters

  • Widest velocity range on the market
  • Wetted non intrusive sensor design for all pipe sizes
  • High measurement accuracy throughout entire range
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Purge and Pressure

  • Purge and Pressurized systems provide a means of allowing high powered
  • electrical equipement that is not certified for a hazardous service, to be used within a hazardous area.
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  • Kentron offer the Siemens Milltronics range of Level measuring instruments for liquids, solids, slurries and interfaces.
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Industrial Networks

  • Designed by Security Experts
  • Simple to Install
  • Offers 'Defense in Depth'
  • Invisible to a hacker - can't see it - can't ping it
  • Centralized configuration/control software
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Wireless Networks

  • Designed by Security Experts
  • Simple to Install
  • Offers 'Defense in Depth'
  • Centralized configuration/control software
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